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Hair Services

Haircut Man 
Wash and style
Long hair
Wash and style
Short hair
Updo (Weddings/Formals) 


Brows                                                                                                                 Lips                                                                                                               Chin                                                                                                               Full face

Chemical Services 

Foil weave (partial-top and sides) haircut included 
Foil weave (Full) haircut included 
Bleach on scalp (toned)- haircut included 
Perms (partial) haircut not included
Perms (all over) haircut included 
Spiral Perms (haircut included)
Color (One process) haircut included 
Color (two process) haircut included 
Ombre & Balayage                                                                               Conditioning treatments  

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**NOTE ** Each of our professional licensed stylists are self-employed and any prices may vary from one another. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before appointment to ensure proper amount of time for consultation.